Non-zipper Fasteners

YKK Makes products that are made to last

Engineers in YKK’s Research and Development Group work every day to meet market requirements, developing new products so that our customers have the opportunity to choose the one that best suits their needs.

YKK is a worldwide supplier, which means that we produce not only zippers, but also other fastening products such as Cosmolon®, plastic hardware, snaps, SNAPET®, hook & eye, buttons, rivets , eyelets & washers, burrs, webbing tape, and SOFIX® (tape with snaps). All of these are available in different colors, sizes, materials and can be used for apparel, luggage, shoes, and for medical, automotive and military applications. These products are produced by YKK manufacturing facilities around the world and are imported according to our customers’ requirements.

By purchasing in one place all the accessories needed to complete their production chain, our customers can reduce time and cost. Our products meet the highest quality standards, which are the same at every YKK facility worldwide, and meet leading American and European certifications, such as ASTM, CPSIA, REACH®, and OEKO-TEK®. It is very important that the customer contact YKK before making a purchase if the product must meet one of the above certifications or another requirement in order to ensure that we can meet your needs.

YKK is pleased to offer a wide range of accessories to complete the production of your final garment. If you have any questions or comment about our products, please consult your nearest sales representative. It will be a pleasure to serve you.

Hook & Loop (Cosmolon®)

YKK’s hook and loop product is known as Cosmolon®. This item can be used in the medical industry, for diapers, for baby’s clothes, and also for accessories in the apparel industry. This item is available in different colors and shapes as well as textures, such as elastic, adhesive, and smooth.

Snap & Button Products

YKK also produces snaps, metal buttons, hooks & eyes, and rivets and burrs for jeans, baby clothing, and the automotive, furniture, and transportation industries.

Plastic Hardware

YKK produces a wide variety of plastic products such as buckles, cord stoppers, hooks, cord holders, and adjusters.  These items can be used for belt buckles, as backpack adjusters, and as accessories for ladies’ bags, jackets, pants, etc.  They are manufactured with the best materials to ensure strength and durability.